Thursday, April 22, 2010


I've lost 10lbs and gained a whole bunch of muskles! Whoo! I was so frustrated with the scale..."how could i not be losing weight ? when I've lost tons of inches and my jeans are falling off of me?" Grr.. Back in the day I lost that much in like 2-3 weeks on one of my starvation diets without excercising! I'm finally doing this the correct way! My biceps have grown so much - thanks hammer curls! I'm seeing definition in  my triceps...which is really effn cool! The "DELTS" (deltoids) is one sexy muscle! Shoulder workouts are not my favorite but i love the way  my shoulders look! LOL. There's no subsitituion for hard work! I'm 6 weeks out and I'm currently doing 90 mins a day (6days a week) of cardio. MY BIGGEST problem area are my thighs as you can see in the picture. It's where i carried most of those 10lbs of fat =(. My jaw dropped when my trainer told me that i was at 33% body fat in December '09! I was like "NO WAY!" i seriously didn't believe her...."How could I be that fat???!!" I need to drop another 8-10lbs (believe it or not) yes, i'm going to disappear people! Remember its all in my thighs. I've been feeling really worn out these past couple of weeks. I just feel like I need a break 2 off days. I kind of lost motivation there for a while to...I snapped out of it though. I have to keep on TRUCKIN'!  <3

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UPDATE...NPC Lonestar Classice WHooooOOOO!!!

Guys, this was a very hard decision but I decided not to go through with the competition this weekend. =(  I'm not where I want to be at this point.  I 'm not lean enough nor do I have enough muscles to show off.....this is a FITNESS competition after all! I bit off more than i could chew...i guess? AND I didn't realize how much fat I had in my thighs. I did however lose a pant size! all of my pants are huge on me :D. ---> check the picture! those jeans were quite tight on me just a couple of months ago! I'm thrilled! Yes, I everyone thinks I don't have an ounce of fat but I really do.  I'm at a good starting 24% body fat! just give me 9 weeks and I'LL ROCK that bikini at the next show. YES! you heard right! I'm still dieting and training for the next show -  NPC Lonestar Classic.. I just need more time to shed the lbs & gain the muscle.  Thanks for all your support and kind guys rock my socks! <3
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