Saturday, August 21, 2010

Europa Super Show 2010

From 3rd callouts to 2nd callouts! big improvement from my first competition. I had a blast and now i'm on an off season meal plan! yep , I've been dieting for about 8 months now...i need a long break from the strict dieting & focus on lifting heavier and building a better body. I 'll be posting progress pics through out the year. i 'm excited to let loose and enjoy  a bit of a social life now. I see BIG things happening <3   “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Friday, August 6, 2010

Europa Super Show 2010....ready or not here i come.

I've been weight training lots for the Europa Super Show (Pro & amateur show) and it's only days away. It has been 2 months since my last competition and i've seen progress with my quads and arms. I wish i can build muscle fast like a man! ok maybe not so much but it's very frustrating.  I start the contest prep tomorrow with 2 gallons of distilled water & for Sunday as well. Why distilled?  Normal tap water has lots of minerals and sodium in it and this just adds to water retention. Mmh hmm so this makes me EXTREMELY thirsty and it sucks. I've got to admit the worst part of competing is the contest prep one week out from a show. BlaghH. I've got to mentally prepare myself for this. On another note...the fantastic US postal office lost my competition bikini! Yep, gone, nada, obsolete...not a great start to the week. I had my heart set on cherry red but at least the bikini designer was kind enough to send me a back up in sparkling gold. Also, my Canadian friends are flying down for the competition! I love it!! They have never been to Texas so yes this will be a fun weekend for sure! i cant wait to EATTTTTTTTTTT!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Body Attack ....really Attacks!!

Are you a member at Gold's Gym? Have you heard of Body Attack? by Les Mills (i just linked to a youtube vid) It is by far the toughest class I've taken at any gym!  Gold's Gym has a series of free classes designed by a company called Les Mills. They offer RPM (spinning) , BodyJam, BodyPump, etc. I'm required to do Plyos every Saturday so this class has 2 tracks geared for Plyometrics such as jumping squats, jumping lunges etc. My calves and my thighs have definitely changed just by taking this class. I dare you to try it...boys and girls! It's a full body workout !

<------me before body attack class

Here is a quick description of this high intensity class. : BODYATTACK™ is the sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. Dynamic instructors and powerful music motivate everyone towards their fitness goals - from the weekend athlete to the hard-core competitor!

BODYATTACK™ is designed around a 55-minute two-peak format with 11 music tracks and exercises to challenge cardio fitness and stamina.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I got selected!

I've been selected by Muscle & Fitness HERS to attend "BIKINI CAMP" in Las Vegas with the IFBB Pro's of the industry! This is my FAVORITE fitness magazine! OMG.

The creme de la creme will be there! like Amanda on May/June cover 2010 on the left. Judges, top nutritionists & trainers....this is the opportunity of a  lifetime! I'd learn so much...& could you imagine the networking?? Whoaa. I just have to scrounge up some money to fly! I've never been to Sin City....

I HAVE to go...just got to. I'll find a way.. i always do. <3

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Work It

Hey Guys! I'm a little slow on the bloggin' thang. I've been trying to catch up with people's questions on Facebook. I get a lot of mail nowadays...and it's totally cool. I love to help people out with their weight loss goals. If i can inspire, motivate anyone out there to push themselves than I know I'm doing something that is amazing. It's always easy peasy to say , "ok yeah i'll eat better & workout etc etc...what's your diet plan? how much cardio?" but when it comes down to eat YOU HAVE to work for it. There's no substitution for hard i right? I created a page on Facebook for my close friends ...who want to get bikini ready with me ;) You can join too! I update w/ muscle building recipes, workout routines, pictures, rants, etc ..but mostly i try to find things to get people going & succeed!. I'm exhausted as i type this but you never know there is probably someone waiting for a new post =P  Goodnight! <3

Like this page!  Get Bikini Ready with Cristina

p.s. so i took a lil R&R after the competition! that's next!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I can't even begin how to describe it all...I did it in 5 months. I worked so hard and i sacrificed a lot of important things in my life. I was in the gym 6 days a week for 2-3 hrs and stuck to a really strict diet. I set out what i planned to do ; I competed in a bikini competition and I can't believe I got up on stage in a bikini in front of hundreds of people. I have to admit.. it felt AMAZING!  Being on stage was the most exhilarating feeling ever! Backstage was so much fun , i got to meet a lot of ladies & we were all on the same miserable diets! haha...all we wanted was our CHEAT MEAL & WATER! HAHA . These competitors work so hard on their training (for years) and are so disciplined. It was really inspiring to watch. I'm totally hooked and I'm going to start training for the Europa Super Show(August) next week. I need to make major improvements this time around (the glutes need special attention). I couldn't have done it without my trainer Breean of course...she pushed me and really took care of me through out this process.  I love her to death~ I get a whole week off from the gym, yummy foods and a well deserved R&R, who knows where I'll be ;) 

*Photography by : ! *

Friday, June 4, 2010

IM SO THIRSTY!!!!!!!!!!!! :( OMG....TOMORROW is the competition!


The past two days have been the toughest out of this whole training thing. I'm on no sodium! im so weak and i can only eat fish, chicken with apple cider vinegar & nothing else. I can only sip on distilled water...and it turns out it can really fuck with your vision. i thought i had something in my eyes all day today...I'M THIRSTY! mouth is dry...this is really hell. one more day! i get to munch on flavored granola, oats, chicken tomorrow. i get a snickers bar before i get on stage! whOooO! WAKE MY ASS UP! makes me a bit more vascular. Alright, i have to apply my 5th coat of competition tanning spray! ha  <3

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Contest Prep starts NOW! with 2 gallons of distilled water a day....GULP!!

At one week out, carbohydrate depletion, sodium loading, and increasing water intake can all begin.It's hard drinking 2 gallons of water a day (especially DISTILLED! BLEGHHH)  but it is necessary to decrease in Anti-Diuretic Hormones.  i start to reduce water intake on Wednesday and i have to cut it out Fri & Saturday ( sip as needed).I have to lose that water weight! 8-10lbs is expected...damn! My diet also changes (NO CARBS, until competition day) & my workouts will be less intense. This should be interesting people! I'm almost there! Here's my schedule for the week.

1. intense leg workout (my last chance to blast fat before the show) 100 leg curls reps......=| BURNNNNNN

2. circuit training (100 reps, tri's, shoulders, back etc!!!ahhhh)  + 2hrs cardio (lstairmaster @ level 9, then light side shuffles on

3. Water intake reduces from 2 gallons to just a few sips through Saturday.

4. Sodium & sweetners are cut on Wednesday ( OMG. NO GUM??? THATS HOW I KEEP SANE!) i need to lose that water weight! shucks.

5. Competition day -- granola to snack on & only sips of water.

6. Eat more fish this week (tilapia, cod, orange roughy)

I have tons to do this week! I'm glad its a 3 day weekend!  jewelry shopping, competition tanning, nails, pedicure, massage?..... =P

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Competition pose! practice makes perfect...7 days out!!!!

I've been perfecting my "model walk" or "model turns"..and its not a walk in the park either! I'm not sure what the judges want until the meeting on Friday (4th , day before the competition). It involves a lot of mind to muscle work...i have to engage all muscle groups. I practice these poses a few times a week...a lot of time in the mirror! I took a picture to give you an idea of a "model walk" . I have to EXUDE confidence on stage...a lil sass & attitude (judges love that). I just hope i don't get a charlie horse! I've always had problems with leg cramping...ugh its soooo painful! hopefully these potassium pills will help by next  Saturday! I just hope i don't go blank on stage! focus focus focus. I don't have time to be nervous! FACK

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hey friends! I haven't updated in a while............why? because i've been busy kicking ass at the gym! ha. (worky blocked "blogger sites" so i can't update during the day anymore =(  It's hard to find time nowadays ya know? I work 8 hours a day & work out for almost 3 hours = 11 hours....then i crash & burn once i get home. I've created a fun collage with a months worth of pictures. iM REALLLY sick of taking pictures of but it's all for my progress folder and this blog. i have to keep record of everything i helps when i have those "why the fuck did i sign up for this" moments. I have my BAD days...where i just bury my face into a pillow and scream. hahahah  I'm so whiny! It gets really crazy sometimes....but for some reason I'm feeling amazing lately. I'm in love with the stairmaster! and cardio isn't THAT bad. I have a flat tummy now and that is very very strange since I've always had a belly on me. I'm at 21% body fat.....ok back to work. peace~!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I like inspiring people. I hope i motivate all of you to stay fit and find your best body! It's deep down in pull yourself together and find it. Today marks 4 weeks until my first NPC (National Physique Committee) Fitness Bikini Competition.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I've lost 10lbs and gained a whole bunch of muskles! Whoo! I was so frustrated with the scale..."how could i not be losing weight ? when I've lost tons of inches and my jeans are falling off of me?" Grr.. Back in the day I lost that much in like 2-3 weeks on one of my starvation diets without excercising! I'm finally doing this the correct way! My biceps have grown so much - thanks hammer curls! I'm seeing definition in  my triceps...which is really effn cool! The "DELTS" (deltoids) is one sexy muscle! Shoulder workouts are not my favorite but i love the way  my shoulders look! LOL. There's no subsitituion for hard work! I'm 6 weeks out and I'm currently doing 90 mins a day (6days a week) of cardio. MY BIGGEST problem area are my thighs as you can see in the picture. It's where i carried most of those 10lbs of fat =(. My jaw dropped when my trainer told me that i was at 33% body fat in December '09! I was like "NO WAY!" i seriously didn't believe her...."How could I be that fat???!!" I need to drop another 8-10lbs (believe it or not) yes, i'm going to disappear people! Remember its all in my thighs. I've been feeling really worn out these past couple of weeks. I just feel like I need a break 2 off days. I kind of lost motivation there for a while to...I snapped out of it though. I have to keep on TRUCKIN'!  <3

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UPDATE...NPC Lonestar Classice WHooooOOOO!!!

Guys, this was a very hard decision but I decided not to go through with the competition this weekend. =(  I'm not where I want to be at this point.  I 'm not lean enough nor do I have enough muscles to show off.....this is a FITNESS competition after all! I bit off more than i could chew...i guess? AND I didn't realize how much fat I had in my thighs. I did however lose a pant size! all of my pants are huge on me :D. ---> check the picture! those jeans were quite tight on me just a couple of months ago! I'm thrilled! Yes, I everyone thinks I don't have an ounce of fat but I really do.  I'm at a good starting 24% body fat! just give me 9 weeks and I'LL ROCK that bikini at the next show. YES! you heard right! I'm still dieting and training for the next show -  NPC Lonestar Classic.. I just need more time to shed the lbs & gain the muscle.  Thanks for all your support and kind guys rock my socks! <3

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've received a bunch of messages in regards to my diet and workout routine. I'm here to share my knowledge guys! so here you go...sorry it took me so damn long! Please keep in mind that this is a competition diet so modify as you see fit. :)  ---> I'm loving the way I feel so far! 2 months & 18 days since i started dieting and weight training. :)

 5-6 meals a day & eat every 2-3  hours - burn , burn! your body will feel like a furnace :D

moderate carb day:


-5 egg whites (scrambled or boiled) egg beaters, or All Whites
1/2 cup of Oatmeal


1 TBSP of Peanut Butter ( Skippy - Natural - No stir ) is the best out there.

Whey Protein


6 oz. of Lean red meat, chicken, fish,turkey ...alwys use PAM butter spray.
1 cup of green vegetables,
1/2 cup of Brown Rice or a Small sweet potato


hand full of Almonds...( love the salt & vinegar flavored! <3) or TBSP of Peanut butter.

Protein shake or 4 slices of turkey deli meat or any other lean meat etc.


4 oz of lean meat,
1 cup of greens..

6th meal (optional)

Whey protein OR 

can of tuna w/ mustard & dill relish....hehe i know it sounds gross but its not bad! & you can have as many pickles as you want!  I LOVE PICKLES!!

use non - dairy creamer for your coffee

I LIVE FOR CONDIMENTS! for example: Heinz reduced sugar ketchup, mustard, BRAGG Liquid Aminos... its a protein spray ! taste like soy sauce (i seriously couldn't live without this), fake butter spray, spices, worchestire sauce, sugar free raspberry preserves, sugar free syrup, splenda, RAGU - no sugar added - light- sauce,'ve got to be creative.

*Don't touch my has been perfectly weighed and it's the only thing i get to eat! has to be the best or i get reallly pissy! man... back off. :)

A GALLON OF water a day!

MUST READ: Muscle & Fitness - HERS!! awesome magazine! tons of pictures, recipes, inspiring!!! pro bikini fun!

**OFF LIMITS*** dairy,alcohol,bread,mayo :(,olive oils,canola, fruit...but you don't have to go all hardcore like me. I know, i fruit diary?! THIS IS A COMPETITION DIET...i'm trying to lose fat here people. My mother isn't too happy w/ my diet hahahha! anyways... I lift weights 5 days a week and cardio 90mins/6 days...if you want to workout that hard - go for it!!   Did you know that a shot of vodka is 100 cals???? you know how many shots i've had at one sitting?? hahahaha & i know you've done the same!Gotta love my russian friends!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have another delicious recipe!'s the best din din I've ever had! (on this diet anyway). Ya'll should definitely try this baby!  OK, now break out a pencil & paper and jot this down for your next trip to Wallys:

1. Extra - Lean Meat
2. Montreal Seasoning (by McCormicks, Low Sodium)
3. Worcestershire sauce
4. Purple Onion - ( so sweet & amazing)
5. Minced Garlic  (this too)
6. Head of lettuce or ROMAINE (much more nutrients)

Preheat 2 nonstick skillets over medium high to high heat. 

Place the meat in a bowl and score it into 4 equal sections and form the meat into patties.Season each patty with grill seasoning. Pour a few tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce ( i use lots of it!) into a small dish and using a pastry brush, lightly baste the burgers with sauce. Sautee the garlic and onions for 5 minutes until  tender. Stick your burger in between 2 leafs of romaine lol and there you have it! BUNLESS burgers...I've had people try this who aren't on my diet and they love it.   ENJOY ...props to Bree for the delicious recipe. RawwWWrzz

Sunday, March 21, 2010


The STAIRMASTER....I have issues with this piece of machinery. Out of all the cardio machines at the gym...this is the one that has me sweating like a fucking pig. It's like an outer body experience almost...its so brutal that it takes so much out of me. I start to pant after 5 minutes of my trainer likes that.  I have to be totally prepared before i hit the quick start. I need Pandora turned on with kick ass music, water bottle, low carb monster energy drink, towel, hair secure and tank lifted up over my chest. I like to turn around and watch the sweat drip down my i love those mirrors!...have you tried climbing at level 9? didn't think so ! try it. The stairmaster is   the master (duh) at toning the legs, getting rid of the cottage cheese in the thighs & it firms up the booty.  i'm going to love the stairmaster one day. i promise...i'm very close.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meet my trainer Breean (former figure competitior) & read the email below!

The first time I laid eyes on Breean  I thought she was the cutest thing!(she's 5'0) well to be honest my eyes went straight to her tush!'s amazing! POP!..anyways...she is such a beautiful person inside and out! I really wish ya'll could meet her. She is a hard working lady! &  an amazing cook. I met Bree when i scheduled a training session for my mom (Sept.'09) and Bree asked  if i wanted to join in on the session. She was really patient with my  mom and well I was impressed by her so I signed up for training sessions  & here we are 6 months for a competition.

She emailed me this today:   ( thanks girl!)  Love ya B!

Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 10:07 PM

I just wanted to really tell u how good ur doing, u are honestly the hardest worker I've got and u make my job fun. So thank u. You have made vast improvements on not only your strength but your coordination and just the way you carry yourself overall. You have just came a long way and I don't ever want u to feel that it's overlooked or not appreciated...u make me proud!!

You will be nothing but gorgeous on that stage!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


OK, here you first before and after picture! (not really AFTER but my progress so far). Hrmmm so working out 6 days a week & strict dieting does this ehh???  AWESOME.  My abs are looking soo much better!!! Wheee!! those oblique workouts really work. I was kind of shy to post this but fuck it. I'm going to have strut my stuff in a bikini very soon. I've had a lot of random people come up to me lately.... at the gym saying "wow! you look great,, keep it up!", "Your trainer is doing a good job", "I remember when you first walked in look amazing!". I didn't realize how many people had their eyeball on me. It means the world to me...because this is sooooo hard! <3

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Low Carb weeks = Whiny Ass

I've been on a low carb diet for a couple of weeks now...meaning i only get a 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1/2 cup of rice OR  a small sweet potato a day. I've become a whiny ass lately, so i apologize if i annoyed any of you ..shit i annoy myself. This becomes extremely difficult when i have to lift weights so I try to get my 1/2 cup of something  1-2 hrs before my workout. I've become a slight scatter brain at work & thats no good.   I still have fat to lose so that's why we're trying this.  WOW..... I do regret those late night muchos nachos at Taco Bueno years ago. They just want to hold on to my inner thighs... I caught a fever for a few days last week. That face is a combination of low carbs & fever eating my brains.  <3

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

(last months) CHEAT MEAL @ Gloria's!!!!

Soooo after 5 weeks of strict dieting I was granted a CHEAT MEAL (last month)! I immediately phoned my friends for the big event. I decided on Gloria's Mexican food...omg...instant carb camatose! ;)  I ordered  fajitas w/ refried beans, spanish rice, plantains and a sour cream enchilada. The chips and black bean dip are to die for. Hrmmm...I think i broke out into a sweat!! For dessert we hit up La Duni for a couple of bites of Venezuelen cake & a cup of Cuban Espresso. Cheat meals are necessary to not only emotionally calm your cravings, but to jump start your metabolism and provide extra energy! RawwWrrrr <3

Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm seeing major changes in my body such as the divot on the side of my butt (Bre noticed first), my obliques are harder, thighs & back are a lot smaller, biceps are larger and of course some muscle definition. Less than 7 weeks away from competition and I'm feeling overwhelmed.  I still have a lot of body fat to lose - mainly in the thigh area. It's the hardest part for a woman to lose. I'm constantly on the go & I have a TON of things on my mind. I can NEVER miss a workout. I wish there were more hours in the day. SHIT!. I had a little breakdown last night & that smile in the picture is fake. Worry wart is written all over my face. =(...all i'm missing ARE

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 6 - Egg White Pancakes

1/2 c oats, toasted in skillet

3/4 c egg beaters scrambled ( add 1 egg white)

1 pkg splenda

  1. Preheat a skillet, spray with non-stick spray, and pour all that goodness in while shaping it into a large  “pancake”.
  2. Once cooked through, top with sugar free syrup, natural peanut butter, fake butter spray,
 Time to  devour!!!!! I like to add SUGAR FREE Raspberry preserves! ALL TOPPINGS MUST BE SUGAR FREE...YEAH baby!    it's simply amazing :D   **Big Props to Bre for the gorgonzola here! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Plyometrics: muscle is loaded and then contracted in rapid sequence.

Plyometric training involves practicing plyometric movements to toughen tissues and train nerve cells to stimulate a specific pattern of muscle contraction so the muscle generates as strong a contraction as possible in the shortest amount of time. I do PLYO's once a week and I have to mentally prepare myself because it is by far the hardest, heart pumping - out of my chest - explosion type workout I've ever done. My trainer took these photos of me to give you an idea of what this entails. IT IS KILLER! BUT FANTASTIC FOR THE BOOTY! TRY IT  & NO BREAKS IN BETWEEN! (just a few after each round).

1. box jumps - 3 sets of 20
2. push ups on the squishy ball or medicine ball - 3 sets of 15
3. squat jumps w/ 10lbs weights- 3 sets of 20
4. push ups 3 sets of 15
5. jump rope - 50 swings lol
(we change it up every week)

Monday, February 8, 2010

side note: A random chick at the gym came up to me and said "YOU ARE INSPIRING!!" "huh? why?"..chick: "You were on the stair stepper for a long time ...that's so hard!!" me: "I was only on there for 25 minutes". LOL....I thought that was pretty cool. I don't know what's worse the stair stepper or Plyometrics...I have to think about that one.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yep! It's time to turn on my femininity with these clear stripper heels! lol They are mandatory for these types of competitions. These puppies are only 3 inches high so that will bring me up to 6'0! not bad. ;) I have to practice my "model walk" from here on out. It's not a walk in the park either! I have to connect mind to muscle as Breean says. It involves a lot of ankle turning, abs tightening, hair flipping, quad & lat squeezes  etc! *Phew*  I have to make it look effortless in front of the judges.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'd bathe in Peanut joke.

If you know me...then you know that I'm obsessed with PEANUT BUTTER! I love it with just about anything...I prefer chocolate of course! lol. Luckily, I get to have pb on this diet! My favorite PB is Kraft Canadian Peanut Butter with the teddy bears on the label. I always grab a couple when i visit's like crack. lol. I think i have the whole Kraft PB line in my pantry (no, we don’t have 'em in the US). But for this diet I must eat a different kind of PB....the NATURAL kind! I must say this is the BEST one out there! If you're looking to buy a natural PB without the oil on the surface try SKIPPY NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER - NO NEED TO STIR". It has an extra gram of sugar...hell I need it. It's $2.00 at Wallys. nom nom nom ...enjoy people. ( I eat 2 tablespoons a day).

Monday, February 1, 2010


This is how I look like after 2 long hours at the gym....questions spin around in my head - "why the F**** am I  doing this?... ...I have to do this everyday for 10 more weeks? What should i cook when i get home? eyebrows are bushy again should I get them waxed?( no, because the Asian lady burned my skin last time) pfft. I'm fighting some demons of mine...something that has haunted me over the years. I go through this stupid phase when i'm dieting...and it happens everytime!! When i feel like i'm doing well  & making some progress... I start to think "Hrmmm, well...its ok to have a piece of chocolate or an extra bite of this...or a tablespoon of that. NO...i can' so proud of myself that i've reached week 5 without any screw ups! I 'm just at that phase...i feel awkward. This is the time when I SELF - SABATOGE!............not this time! FACK.

p.s. i love to curse =/

Friday, January 29, 2010

Muskles from Brussels (....brussel sprout maybe?)

Hrmmm...4 weeks later & I have something called "biceps"! I guess it was all that protein and lifting weights. =P hardy har har.  I still have a ways to go...especially those pesky triceps. Flabby arms go awayyyyy!  Starting week 5 on Monday! WHoo hoo... I'll post my diet soon! :). im thrillled!

I need filler for all this yucky space......


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Egg Whites (broil, boil or scramble 'em) either way i have to eat 5 a day!

Quick recipe break! Every morning for breakfast i have to down 5 egg whites...& eventually I'm going to get sick of those suckers (I'll be eating more when it gets closer to competition time!) So... I have to get fancy with it. Egg whites provide a complete source of natural muscle building protein! RawwwRRR

Egg White French Toast (sans bread)

1 large cup of Egg Beaters = 5 egg whites (perfect!), glass pan, PAM spray (butter flavored), Butter spray, cinnamon, sugar free syrup & Splenda.

Spray glass pan with PAM spray and pour 1 cup of egg whites(I make 2 or 3 cups for the week!) Set the oven to broil and stick the egg whites in there for 25 mins. Then spray PAM or Butter spray & Cinnamon on top of the egg whites.... Mmm for a crispy layer! Then stick it back in the oven for 5-10 more minutes. Keep an eye on it! Egg beaters tend to puff up a lot more than the liquid ALL WHITES. VOILA! you have french toast! the texture at least. hahaha...its amazing w/ sugar free syrup & splenda :) Who am I kidding....oh well. TRY IT! & let me know what you think :D NOM NOM NOM  - Thanks to Bre for the great recipe <3

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Yesterday my trainer Breean increased my weights & she had me do extra sets. I wasn't happy with her at all! lol. I was feeling pretty down today because its finally sinking in that the freaking gym is my life! I started on a supplement this morning and they are horsepills! The bottle says *vascularity * pump *size * strength* (astericks included). It sounds like a prescription for the Incredible Hulk. Then... out of the blue I get an email from my trainer with words of encouragement!!! read on:

" Cristina, I just want you to know that not many people can do what you are doing, I'm putting you through some really tough workouts and you're coming a long way in a short time! I'm really proud of you!"  <3

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Like a hot flash....

side note: OMG! So i eat 6 small meals a day right?...well, my body is on fire! it's my metabolism on full speed! it's like hot flashes... maybe? i kind of like it...because i'm a lean mean burning machine BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 4 (thighs shrinking & whoaa biceps?!)

I noticed something really exciting last thighs are shrinking!!! I see muscle...yes! they are finally revealing themselves. My biceps suddenly grew and im super stoked~! I lift weights 5 days a week so its about time! I'm on the treadmill for 50 minutes at an incline of 10 & speed of 3.8.(cardio for 6 days) I try to switch it up because as i said before i dislike cardio. I'll jump on the stepper or ellipictal...i like it when i feel sweat running down my back - a sure sign that i'm busting my ass! It's hard to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. I'm worried i wont lose enough by competition time. I'm going to start on supplements tomorrow...we'll see how they make me feel.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 3 (Chocolate dreams)

I had a dream last night that i was stuffing my face with a box of Raisinets(myfav!) then i realized what i was doing and spit all of it out! "OMG IM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE EATING CHOCOLATE!" lol. As you can see I'm going through severe chocolate withdrawals or as Meegz says "signs of a true addict" lol. I used to have my "chocolate Fridays"& i had a nice supply of chocolate at work - thanks to my co-workers. I thought once a week was okay but how did i expect to lose weight?! LMAO...i wasn't busting my ass at the gym to deserve a sweet treat.

Anyways! Bre (my trainer) put me on a high, mod, & low carb rotation for two weeks. We are shocking the body and hopefully i can lose weight quicker. It's hard eating 5-6 times a day...i should be grateful because in March I won't have the luxury of eating all of these carbs. =|

Week 2

I feel like i'm being rushed 24/7...i get off of work & I race to the gym for 2 hours and finally back home and eat. It's all about preperation...making sure i have my bag of food and that I'm eating every 2-3 hrs. Every Sunday i prepare my food for the week and I try to be as organized as possible. my hair was getting disgustingly long so much that i cut 3 inches off! I feel so liberated :) No worries!!! It'll be long and beautiful for competition day . Oh and by the way i really hate cardio...UGH.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I have strength, courage, and a whole lot of willpower!

First of all this is really weird...i feel like i'm writing in my teddy bear diary from grade school. When i was 15 years old I was flipping through a SHAPE magazine and I saw a picture of a healthy, fit & strong woman - Gabrielle Reece.  I tore out the page and taped it to my closet door. I no longer have the picture but it's still imprinted in my mind. She embodies the perfect concept of a physically fit person. After many failed New Years resolutions &Yo-Yo diets later (umm..yea, i've always been overweight) - I'm currently training to be in the BEST shape of my life.

Sept 2009:
 i picked up an issue of Muscle Fitness at the gym & I flipped through a section called "Fitness Bikini -"Tall Class".  I saw pictures of tall, strong & beautiful women (i'm 5'11) Bre (my trainer) thought i had the perfect build to to compete... (she competed in over 20 shows). She told me to buy an issue of OXYGEN magazine & to think about it. I ran across the street to Borders bookstore & i suddenly got teary eyed as i sat in my car looking through the magazine.  You may think that's silly...but someone offered to help make my dream come true and I had already made up my mind. :D (yes!) If I'm passionate about something... I always go for it. Hell YESSSSSSSSSSS!

Week 1

Week One of training was tough...whew! I had this nervous energy all week! The first day of lifting is called the "heavy legs" workout and yes it's definitely HEAVY! My trainers b/f said "this will determine whether or not you want to compete"...and boy was I second guessing myself! HOLY MOLEY! I thought my legs were going to BREAK off...i leg pressed 150lbs! That's like a whole other me :D My legs felt like blocks and I couldn't walk very well that whole week. I had to use the handicap restroom w/ the handrails to be able to sit down. I know I'm not disabled but i felt like it! Hhahhaha... Ooops. I also tend to stick out my tongue when I'm working out... like this DInosaur --> I totally caught myself (my dad does the same