Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hey friends! I haven't updated in a while............why? because i've been busy kicking ass at the gym! ha. (worky blocked "blogger sites" so i can't update during the day anymore =(  It's hard to find time nowadays ya know? I work 8 hours a day & work out for almost 3 hours = 11 hours....then i crash & burn once i get home. I've created a fun collage with a months worth of pictures. iM REALLLY sick of taking pictures of but it's all for my progress folder and this blog. i have to keep record of everything i helps when i have those "why the fuck did i sign up for this" moments. I have my BAD days...where i just bury my face into a pillow and scream. hahahah  I'm so whiny! It gets really crazy sometimes....but for some reason I'm feeling amazing lately. I'm in love with the stairmaster! and cardio isn't THAT bad. I have a flat tummy now and that is very very strange since I've always had a belly on me. I'm at 21% body fat.....ok back to work. peace~!

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Teresa said...

I have not read your blog in never had a tummy!
Funny pics and blog. Luv it.