Sunday, May 30, 2010

Contest Prep starts NOW! with 2 gallons of distilled water a day....GULP!!

At one week out, carbohydrate depletion, sodium loading, and increasing water intake can all begin.It's hard drinking 2 gallons of water a day (especially DISTILLED! BLEGHHH)  but it is necessary to decrease in Anti-Diuretic Hormones.  i start to reduce water intake on Wednesday and i have to cut it out Fri & Saturday ( sip as needed).I have to lose that water weight! 8-10lbs is expected...damn! My diet also changes (NO CARBS, until competition day) & my workouts will be less intense. This should be interesting people! I'm almost there! Here's my schedule for the week.

1. intense leg workout (my last chance to blast fat before the show) 100 leg curls reps......=| BURNNNNNN

2. circuit training (100 reps, tri's, shoulders, back etc!!!ahhhh)  + 2hrs cardio (lstairmaster @ level 9, then light side shuffles on

3. Water intake reduces from 2 gallons to just a few sips through Saturday.

4. Sodium & sweetners are cut on Wednesday ( OMG. NO GUM??? THATS HOW I KEEP SANE!) i need to lose that water weight! shucks.

5. Competition day -- granola to snack on & only sips of water.

6. Eat more fish this week (tilapia, cod, orange roughy)

I have tons to do this week! I'm glad its a 3 day weekend!  jewelry shopping, competition tanning, nails, pedicure, massage?..... =P


yazzers said...

U can do it!

Anonymous said...

Can you explain more about the water reduction? I am preparing for my first competition and I am unsure of the whole sodium loading, water reduction concept!

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