Thursday, June 24, 2010

Work It

Hey Guys! I'm a little slow on the bloggin' thang. I've been trying to catch up with people's questions on Facebook. I get a lot of mail nowadays...and it's totally cool. I love to help people out with their weight loss goals. If i can inspire, motivate anyone out there to push themselves than I know I'm doing something that is amazing. It's always easy peasy to say , "ok yeah i'll eat better & workout etc etc...what's your diet plan? how much cardio?" but when it comes down to eat YOU HAVE to work for it. There's no substitution for hard i right? I created a page on Facebook for my close friends ...who want to get bikini ready with me ;) You can join too! I update w/ muscle building recipes, workout routines, pictures, rants, etc ..but mostly i try to find things to get people going & succeed!. I'm exhausted as i type this but you never know there is probably someone waiting for a new post =P  Goodnight! <3

Like this page!  Get Bikini Ready with Cristina

p.s. so i took a lil R&R after the competition! that's next!


Anonymous said...

Hi! How can I find you on facebook? Thanks! :)


Anonymous said...

Ha! Sorry saw your link :)