Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'd bathe in Peanut joke.

If you know me...then you know that I'm obsessed with PEANUT BUTTER! I love it with just about anything...I prefer chocolate of course! lol. Luckily, I get to have pb on this diet! My favorite PB is Kraft Canadian Peanut Butter with the teddy bears on the label. I always grab a couple when i visit's like crack. lol. I think i have the whole Kraft PB line in my pantry (no, we don’t have 'em in the US). But for this diet I must eat a different kind of PB....the NATURAL kind! I must say this is the BEST one out there! If you're looking to buy a natural PB without the oil on the surface try SKIPPY NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER - NO NEED TO STIR". It has an extra gram of sugar...hell I need it. It's $2.00 at Wallys. nom nom nom ...enjoy people. ( I eat 2 tablespoons a day).

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