Monday, February 1, 2010


This is how I look like after 2 long hours at the gym....questions spin around in my head - "why the F**** am I  doing this?... ...I have to do this everyday for 10 more weeks? What should i cook when i get home? eyebrows are bushy again should I get them waxed?( no, because the Asian lady burned my skin last time) pfft. I'm fighting some demons of mine...something that has haunted me over the years. I go through this stupid phase when i'm dieting...and it happens everytime!! When i feel like i'm doing well  & making some progress... I start to think "Hrmmm, well...its ok to have a piece of chocolate or an extra bite of this...or a tablespoon of that. NO...i can' so proud of myself that i've reached week 5 without any screw ups! I 'm just at that phase...i feel awkward. This is the time when I SELF - SABATOGE!............not this time! FACK.

p.s. i love to curse =/

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AlyssaMonique said...

thank you thank you for this blog of yours, im 7 weeks out from my first bikin comp and your blog has been inspiring I love your dirty talk because that shit is real and thats how we really feel right! Ive been taking alot of tips from you thanks again!