Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm seeing major changes in my body such as the divot on the side of my butt (Bre noticed first), my obliques are harder, thighs & back are a lot smaller, biceps are larger and of course some muscle definition. Less than 7 weeks away from competition and I'm feeling overwhelmed.  I still have a lot of body fat to lose - mainly in the thigh area. It's the hardest part for a woman to lose. I'm constantly on the go & I have a TON of things on my mind. I can NEVER miss a workout. I wish there were more hours in the day. SHIT!. I had a little breakdown last night & that smile in the picture is fake. Worry wart is written all over my face. =(...all i'm missing ARE

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 6 - Egg White Pancakes

1/2 c oats, toasted in skillet

3/4 c egg beaters scrambled ( add 1 egg white)

1 pkg splenda

  1. Preheat a skillet, spray with non-stick spray, and pour all that goodness in while shaping it into a large  “pancake”.
  2. Once cooked through, top with sugar free syrup, natural peanut butter, fake butter spray,
 Time to  devour!!!!! I like to add SUGAR FREE Raspberry preserves! ALL TOPPINGS MUST BE SUGAR FREE...YEAH baby!    it's simply amazing :D   **Big Props to Bre for the gorgonzola here! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Plyometrics: muscle is loaded and then contracted in rapid sequence.

Plyometric training involves practicing plyometric movements to toughen tissues and train nerve cells to stimulate a specific pattern of muscle contraction so the muscle generates as strong a contraction as possible in the shortest amount of time. I do PLYO's once a week and I have to mentally prepare myself because it is by far the hardest, heart pumping - out of my chest - explosion type workout I've ever done. My trainer took these photos of me to give you an idea of what this entails. IT IS KILLER! BUT FANTASTIC FOR THE BOOTY! TRY IT  & NO BREAKS IN BETWEEN! (just a few after each round).

1. box jumps - 3 sets of 20
2. push ups on the squishy ball or medicine ball - 3 sets of 15
3. squat jumps w/ 10lbs weights- 3 sets of 20
4. push ups 3 sets of 15
5. jump rope - 50 swings lol
(we change it up every week)

Monday, February 8, 2010

side note: A random chick at the gym came up to me and said "YOU ARE INSPIRING!!" "huh? why?"..chick: "You were on the stair stepper for a long time ...that's so hard!!" me: "I was only on there for 25 minutes". LOL....I thought that was pretty cool. I don't know what's worse the stair stepper or Plyometrics...I have to think about that one.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yep! It's time to turn on my femininity with these clear stripper heels! lol They are mandatory for these types of competitions. These puppies are only 3 inches high so that will bring me up to 6'0! not bad. ;) I have to practice my "model walk" from here on out. It's not a walk in the park either! I have to connect mind to muscle as Breean says. It involves a lot of ankle turning, abs tightening, hair flipping, quad & lat squeezes  etc! *Phew*  I have to make it look effortless in front of the judges.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'd bathe in Peanut joke.

If you know me...then you know that I'm obsessed with PEANUT BUTTER! I love it with just about anything...I prefer chocolate of course! lol. Luckily, I get to have pb on this diet! My favorite PB is Kraft Canadian Peanut Butter with the teddy bears on the label. I always grab a couple when i visit's like crack. lol. I think i have the whole Kraft PB line in my pantry (no, we don’t have 'em in the US). But for this diet I must eat a different kind of PB....the NATURAL kind! I must say this is the BEST one out there! If you're looking to buy a natural PB without the oil on the surface try SKIPPY NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER - NO NEED TO STIR". It has an extra gram of sugar...hell I need it. It's $2.00 at Wallys. nom nom nom ...enjoy people. ( I eat 2 tablespoons a day).

Monday, February 1, 2010


This is how I look like after 2 long hours at the gym....questions spin around in my head - "why the F**** am I  doing this?... ...I have to do this everyday for 10 more weeks? What should i cook when i get home? eyebrows are bushy again should I get them waxed?( no, because the Asian lady burned my skin last time) pfft. I'm fighting some demons of mine...something that has haunted me over the years. I go through this stupid phase when i'm dieting...and it happens everytime!! When i feel like i'm doing well  & making some progress... I start to think "Hrmmm, well...its ok to have a piece of chocolate or an extra bite of this...or a tablespoon of that. NO...i can' so proud of myself that i've reached week 5 without any screw ups! I 'm just at that phase...i feel awkward. This is the time when I SELF - SABATOGE!............not this time! FACK.

p.s. i love to curse =/