Sunday, March 21, 2010


The STAIRMASTER....I have issues with this piece of machinery. Out of all the cardio machines at the gym...this is the one that has me sweating like a fucking pig. It's like an outer body experience almost...its so brutal that it takes so much out of me. I start to pant after 5 minutes of my trainer likes that.  I have to be totally prepared before i hit the quick start. I need Pandora turned on with kick ass music, water bottle, low carb monster energy drink, towel, hair secure and tank lifted up over my chest. I like to turn around and watch the sweat drip down my i love those mirrors!...have you tried climbing at level 9? didn't think so ! try it. The stairmaster is   the master (duh) at toning the legs, getting rid of the cottage cheese in the thighs & it firms up the booty.  i'm going to love the stairmaster one day. i promise...i'm very close.

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