Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've received a bunch of messages in regards to my diet and workout routine. I'm here to share my knowledge guys! so here you go...sorry it took me so damn long! Please keep in mind that this is a competition diet so modify as you see fit. :)  ---> I'm loving the way I feel so far! 2 months & 18 days since i started dieting and weight training. :)

 5-6 meals a day & eat every 2-3  hours - burn , burn! your body will feel like a furnace :D

moderate carb day:


-5 egg whites (scrambled or boiled) egg beaters, or All Whites
1/2 cup of Oatmeal


1 TBSP of Peanut Butter ( Skippy - Natural - No stir ) is the best out there.

Whey Protein


6 oz. of Lean red meat, chicken, fish,turkey ...alwys use PAM butter spray.
1 cup of green vegetables,
1/2 cup of Brown Rice or a Small sweet potato


hand full of Almonds...( love the salt & vinegar flavored! <3) or TBSP of Peanut butter.

Protein shake or 4 slices of turkey deli meat or any other lean meat etc.


4 oz of lean meat,
1 cup of greens..

6th meal (optional)

Whey protein OR 

can of tuna w/ mustard & dill relish....hehe i know it sounds gross but its not bad! & you can have as many pickles as you want!  I LOVE PICKLES!!

use non - dairy creamer for your coffee

I LIVE FOR CONDIMENTS! for example: Heinz reduced sugar ketchup, mustard, BRAGG Liquid Aminos... its a protein spray ! taste like soy sauce (i seriously couldn't live without this), fake butter spray, spices, worchestire sauce, sugar free raspberry preserves, sugar free syrup, splenda, RAGU - no sugar added - light- sauce,'ve got to be creative.

*Don't touch my has been perfectly weighed and it's the only thing i get to eat! has to be the best or i get reallly pissy! man... back off. :)

A GALLON OF water a day!

MUST READ: Muscle & Fitness - HERS!! awesome magazine! tons of pictures, recipes, inspiring!!! pro bikini fun!

**OFF LIMITS*** dairy,alcohol,bread,mayo :(,olive oils,canola, fruit...but you don't have to go all hardcore like me. I know, i fruit diary?! THIS IS A COMPETITION DIET...i'm trying to lose fat here people. My mother isn't too happy w/ my diet hahahha! anyways... I lift weights 5 days a week and cardio 90mins/6 days...if you want to workout that hard - go for it!!   Did you know that a shot of vodka is 100 cals???? you know how many shots i've had at one sitting?? hahahaha & i know you've done the same!Gotta love my russian friends!


B Marroquin said...

Have you tried Agave as a sweetner or Xylitol? I use Agave to make my baby's preserves. What about cooking w/ Coconut oil? PAM really good for you? Girl, you look amazing btw!!


Aram said...

keep it up!!!!