Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Egg Whites (broil, boil or scramble 'em) either way i have to eat 5 a day!

Quick recipe break! Every morning for breakfast i have to down 5 egg whites...& eventually I'm going to get sick of those suckers (I'll be eating more when it gets closer to competition time!) So... I have to get fancy with it. Egg whites provide a complete source of natural muscle building protein! RawwwRRR

Egg White French Toast (sans bread)

1 large cup of Egg Beaters = 5 egg whites (perfect!), glass pan, PAM spray (butter flavored), Butter spray, cinnamon, sugar free syrup & Splenda.

Spray glass pan with PAM spray and pour 1 cup of egg whites(I make 2 or 3 cups for the week!) Set the oven to broil and stick the egg whites in there for 25 mins. Then spray PAM or Butter spray & Cinnamon on top of the egg whites.... Mmm for a crispy layer! Then stick it back in the oven for 5-10 more minutes. Keep an eye on it! Egg beaters tend to puff up a lot more than the liquid ALL WHITES. VOILA! you have french toast! the texture at least. hahaha...its amazing w/ sugar free syrup & splenda :) Who am I kidding....oh well. TRY IT! & let me know what you think :D NOM NOM NOM  - Thanks to Bre for the great recipe <3

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Hankinstien said...

Thats a cool idea, I never thought of cooking eggs that way -- I'll have to try it!

These recipie ideas a great, keep 'em comin!

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