Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Yesterday my trainer Breean increased my weights & she had me do extra sets. I wasn't happy with her at all! lol. I was feeling pretty down today because its finally sinking in that the freaking gym is my life! I started on a supplement this morning and they are horsepills! The bottle says *vascularity * pump *size * strength* (astericks included). It sounds like a prescription for the Incredible Hulk. Then... out of the blue I get an email from my trainer with words of encouragement!!! read on:

" Cristina, I just want you to know that not many people can do what you are doing, I'm putting you through some really tough workouts and you're coming a long way in a short time! I'm really proud of you!"  <3

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Hankinstien said...

Don't worry. Supplement companies usually try to market their stuff to gym rat dudes that want to get huge and look like the Hulk, so they use all those phrases. But they're still effective at doing what you want, which is burning fat and building lean muscle tissue. You won't look like Hulk, you'll look like Supergirl!