Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 1

Week One of training was tough...whew! I had this nervous energy all week! The first day of lifting is called the "heavy legs" workout and yes it's definitely HEAVY! My trainers b/f said "this will determine whether or not you want to compete"...and boy was I second guessing myself! HOLY MOLEY! I thought my legs were going to BREAK off...i leg pressed 150lbs! That's like a whole other me :D My legs felt like blocks and I couldn't walk very well that whole week. I had to use the handicap restroom w/ the handrails to be able to sit down. I know I'm not disabled but i felt like it! Hhahhaha... Ooops. I also tend to stick out my tongue when I'm working out... like this DInosaur --> I totally caught myself (my dad does the same

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